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Jennifer • Feb 25, 2010 • TV Shows

The CBS series Ghost Whisperer, which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad, Camryn Manheim and Christoph Sanders, will celebrate its 100th episode on Friday, March 5 at 8 PM ET on CBS. To celebrate the milestone, CBS has released a list of its most memorable ghostly moments of the series.

Over the course of 100 episodes of Ghost Whisperer, Melinda Gordon has crossed over 404 ghosts into the light. But it hasn’t been easy. Here’s a list of 100 ghostly encounters that have wreaked havoc in the Ghost Whisperer world…

– 1. Melinda is almost decapitated by a ghost brandishing a chain saw.
– 2. Family matters are taken to a new low when, Melinda’s own father appears to haunt her from the grave.
– 3. Melinda is chased by what she thinks is a zombie when a ghost inhabits the body of a fresh cadaver. (This is known as a Walk-In in the spirit world)
– 4. Melinda is held captive in a pitch-black closet by an evil spirit.
– 5. A ghost goes digital, turning himself and Melinda into an avatar before taking her on in a street fight.
– 6. Melinda is under siege when an army of ghosts descends on her in a military Humvee.
– 7. A ghost vandalizes Same As It Never Was, throwing and breaking furniture – causing Melinda and Andrea to run for cover.
– 8. Jim’s car windows are smashed by the bat wielding ghost of a baseball player.
– 9. Melinda is nearly drowned by the ghost of a six year old child.
– 10. A ghost transports Melinda to the jungles of Peru and covers her with creepy crawly bus.
– 11. Melinda and Jim’s romantic cruise takes a turn for the worse when a group of landlubber ghosts take over the ship.
– 12. Melinda is almost executed by hanging, thanks to a ghost who experienced the same treatment.
– 13. The ghost of Melinda’s best friend, Andrea, makes Mel’s life a living nightmare.
– 14. Melinda channels a ghost who turns her into an exotic dancer at a gentlemen’s club!
– 15. A ghost burrows beneath Grandview, luring Melinda underground where she is almost buried in a cave-in.
– 16. A ghost sicks a ferocious tiger on Melinda.
– 17. A haunted carnival of spirits turns its freak act loose on Grandview.
– 18. Melinda is shocked when a ghost carves cryptic warnings into her beloved husband’s back.
– 19. A ghost creates a windstorm turning Jim and Melinda’s camping trip inside out!
– 20. ‘You’ve got mail!” takes on a whole new meaning when a spirited ghost invades Melinda’s laptop.
– 21. Melinda battles an evil ghost for hundreds of lost souls as the result of a downed jetliner.
– 22. After Jim dies, he haunts Melinda so that their love never dies.
– 23. Melinda is grabbed by a ghost who tries to yank her through a brick wall.
– 24. A bad girl ghost cheerleader influenced by witchcraft over-runs a high school with bad karma.
– 25. A ghost makes Melinda’s car keys defy gravity by floating them on water.
– 26. A ghost stitches Melinda’s eyes and mouth shut!
– 27. A wild-eyed ghost interrupts Ned and his girlfriend’s good-bye kiss by smashing into their car.
– 28. A ghost mystifies Melinda by turning walls into throbbing red and blue veins.
– 29. A ghost drops cars from a bridge that spans Grandview smashing up village square.
– 30. An archive ghost traps Melinda in the Hall of Records and sets it on fire.
– 31. Jim’s brother’s ghost haunted Jim and Melinda’s wedding!
– 32. A ghost suspends a bed and its occupant on a bedroom ceiling.
– 33. Melinda’s CD collection is destroyed by a ghost from the Dark Side who chucks CDs at her!
– 34. A spooky college alumni ghost gives Melinda a frightful surprise sorority hazing.
– 35. Kidnapped and handcuffed to a bed, Melinda experiences a ghost’s hallucinative abduction as if it were her own.
– 36. As an act of revenge a ghost-husband fills a bathtub with live shrimp before his unsuspecting allergic wife slips into it.
– 37. A ghost enchants a group of small children through song. This creepy pied piper tees them up for death.
– 38. A ghost causes a nursery of babies to have evil goat’s eyes.
– 39. A group of orphan ghosts killed in a fire, create a deadly game of hide and seek.
– 40. A confused ghost creates disturbing graffiti on the bedroom walls of Melinda’s friend.
– 41. Lured into the mystery of a ghost’s kidnapping while still alive, Melinda experiences unrelenting night terrors.
– 42. An angry ghost blows out the windows in Melinda and Jim’s house.
– 43. A ghost kisses Jim while he sleeps, sucking the energy out of his body!
– 44. Melinda is frightened by visions of a dark future when a prophet ghost pays her a visit.
– 45. A ghost shares his excruciating pain by making a rod pass through Melinda’s neck.
– 46. A vengeful ghost takes over Grandview’s college radio show, embarrassing its victims.
– 47. As Melinda pulls into her driveway, a ghost causes a sudden downpour of ash and burning embers to rain down on her.
– 48. A multitude of ghosts from a crashed jet invade Village Square.
– 49. A ghost sends out a “cursed” email chain causing harm to all who don’t forward it on.
– 50. The walls of a haunted elevator close in on Melinda almost crushing her.
– 51. A teen ghost masquerades as a vampire, convincing the citizens of Grandview that the Count is alive and well.
– 52. A ghost gives new meaning to ‘road rage’ by hijacking Melinda’s car.
– 53. A ghost turns Melinda’s skin black with a strange/unknown disease.
– 54. A Santa Claus ghost almost destroys Christmas by delivering far worse than a lump of coal to both the naughty and nice.
– 55. Homer the ghost dog treats Melinda to a ghostly game of fetch.
– 56. While in a coma, Melinda’s soul is separated from her body.
– 57. A mute ghost treats Melinda to a strange game of charades.
– 58. Ghostly children are kept from the Light to undermine Melinda’s powers.
– 59. Jim is treated to a horrifying facelift when he’s haunted by the ghost of a model seeking revenge.
– 60. Melinda’s so-called step brother ‘steals’ earthbound spirits to add to his growing following which he uses to do his evil bidding.
– 61. Professor Payne’s dead wife becomes THE most desperate housewife when she drops a chandelier on his head and a piano on his body.
– 62. A ghost kidnaps Aiden, causing Jim and Melinda to tear Grandview apart in an effort to save him.
– 63. A malevolent ghost sucks Melinda’s hair into the kitchen garbage disposal!
– 64. The stakes are raised in Jim’s weekly poker game when a ghost invades it with haunted scarabs.
– 65. Melinda rescues Eli from a pack of screaming ghosts who surround him, nearly driving him mad.
– 66. A ghost appears in Melinda’s yard as the headless horseman, chases her across her yard.
– 67. Developing personal photos, Melinda discovers uninvited ghosts posing with her in every picture.
– 68. A ghost adds a creepy twist to ‘bobbing for apples’ by adding leeches to the water.
– 69. A frozen ghost gives Melinda cool clues to an impending plane crash.
– 70. By manipulating electronic wave-lengths, a ghost disrupts Melinda’s ‘must see’ TV.
– 71. Two ghosts lull Melinda to sleep with a hauntingly beautiful duet.
– 72. Melinda peers into a haunted well and is horrified to see a young girl submerged beneath the water – she turns out to be a ghost.
– 73. Laughing Man ghost torments Melinda – his haunting laugh makes her ears ache.
– 74. A ghost cat lunges at Melinda from the deep dark shadows.
– 75. While Melinda peers at her reflection in a mirror, a ghost shatters it causing broken shards to fly at her.
– 76. A mischievous ghost stacks Melinda and Jim’s furniture on the ceiling.
– 77. Ghosts SCREAM through the halls of a psychiatric hospital rattling Melinda and the patients.
– 78. Melinda’s living room was magically transformed into a hospital as a murdered ghost pleads for his life.
– 79. A mind-boggling ghost causes Melinda’s mind to spin when it frantically leaps from reflective surface to reflective surface in the Same As It Never Was basement.
– 80. A faceless ghost child appears to Melinda with a chilling message.
– 81. Fogging up her car windows, a ghost writes threatening messages to Melinda.
– 82. As a child, Melinda looks up from a coffin to see the ghost of the man within.
– 83. Melinda’s reflection in the mirror is suddenly replaced with that of a ‘fright’ ghost who’s trying to get her attention.
– 84. Mischievous ghosts force Melinda to play a creepy round of 20 Questions with unsettling consequences.
– 85. Thrown into a ghost vision, Melinda free falls into a watery pit.
– 86. Melinda and Jim are in a race for their lives when the ghost of a street racer takes control of their speeding car.
– 87. A ghost dials 911 over and over again to replay his father’s emergency call.
– 88. The front of Melinda’s store is vandalized with frightening ‘blood’ graffiti by an angry ghost.
– 89. Ghosts move into Delia’s house, to try and make her a ‘believer’.
– 90. A ghost puts Aiden in harm’s way by strategically placing dangerous cutlery across the floor of Melinda and Jim’s kitchen.
– 91. A determined ghost hi-jacks a college lecture in order to shine a light on his death.
– 92. Melinda’s refrigerator door is left open by a hungry ghost and everything is spoiled.
– 93. A ghost drips blood from the ceiling of a haunted mansion onto Melinda’s face.
– 94. A ghost creates Melinda doppelgangers that haunt her.
– 95. A child ghost hides in Aiden’s closet and refuses to leave.
– 96. Eerie messages are left on Melinda’s answering machine by a persistent ghost.
– 97. Soldier ghosts do violent battle in the Same As It Never Was basement, firing machine guns and exploding grenades all around Melinda.
– 98. Melinda becomes the involuntary actor in a terrifying face-off with her own secret fear in a horror movie produced from the grave.
– 99. An angry young girl ghost makes an outdoor swimming pool boil over.
– 100. An overprotective ghost mom chaperones her unknowing daughter to a school dance, terrifying inappropriate suitors.

The network has also came up with a list of 100 rules that ghosts on the show must abide by. Take a look at the rules below.

– 1. Ghost Whisperer’s like Melinda Gordon can see and communicate with earthbound spirits. They help them with unfinished business before crossing them into the light, and give closure to loved ones left behind.
– 2. A ghost can materialize anywhere he or she wants by concentrating on where it wants to be.
– 3. Ghosts cannot pick up things. Under duress, in an emotionally charged situation, or in a group they can move things.
– 4. Ghosts can affect the temperature of small areas, creating hot spots or cold spots. A good indicator is when the thermostat in a room quickly drops for no reason.
– 5. Ghosts can affect electrical currents, i.e. computers, lights, phones and other household electrical devices.
– 6. Most children when they are very young can see ghosts.
– 7. Most earthbound spirits appear wearing the clothes they were wearing when they died.
– 8. Ghosts may manipulate objects that were on their person when they died, but the objects are insubstantial and can’t be shared with the living. (There are exceptions like Homer the ghost dog’s ball).
– 9. Ghosts go into the Light shortly after their issues are resolved.
– 10. Ghosts do not cast shadows – unless they are a ‘shadow’ from the world of the dead.
– 11. Ghosts can see other ghosts.
– 12. Most ghosts, like vampires, are not reflected in mirrors or windows. (Ghosts like Bloody Mary are an exception because their aura is tied to reflections.)
– 13. Ghosts can touch each other.
– 14. Ghosts have the ability to pass through solid objects.
– 15. New spirits are on a learning curve with their ghost powers.
– 16. Ghosts can attend their own funerals and many do!
– 17. Ghosts can inflict physical harm on the living without realizing they are doing so.
– 18. Ghosts can feel the thoughts of the living.
– 19. To recharge, spirits feed off the energy of the living. Ghosts can recharge their energy by creating chaos with the living.
– 20. Ghosts can visit and communicate with you in your dreams.
– 21. Ghosts can be sneaky and elusive, appearing out of the corner of your eye.
– 22. In the world of the living, a ghost can create an “apport,” which is a physical manifestation of something with symbolic significance to the ghost.
– 23. Ghosts who stay earthbound are normally scared and confused.
– 24. A person’s ghost arises at the location where they died.
– 25. Ghosts can appear with the wounds and physical manifestations of their death – although they are not always aware of their deathly appearance.
– 26. Melinda, and others like her, can filter out the voices of the many ghosts who surround them and focus on the most important ghost by listening with their hearts.
– 27. Ghost listeners are people like Eli James who can hear earthbound spirits but cannot see them.
– 28. Initially, a spirit’s appearance can be distorted, even scary. Once they start to interact with the living, they begin to look more like they did when alive.
– 29. Ghosts do not always retain memories from their experiences in the world of the living.
– 30. “Guardians” are spirits responsible for bringing babies to the Light when they do not have someone to meet them.
– 31. Ghosts often stay earthbound in order to help a grieving loved one heal and move on with his or her life.
– 32. Because of the resentment an earthbound spirit feels about his/her tragic death, the spirit can wreak havoc on the living.
– 33. When a person commits suicide, his/her spirit can be stuck between the worlds of the living and the dead.
– 34. Ghosts can force visions of their death onto the living. If those memories are extremely violent, the person’s life can be jeopardized.
– 35. Ghosts have no sense of time.
– 36. Out of body experiences occur when a person flat-lines and is resuscitated.
– 37. Earthbound spirits of children tend to hang out in groups. Adult ghosts typically do not.
– 38. Spirits can group together for a common purpose and use the strength of their numbers to interact more powerfully with the world of the living.
– 39. When an extremely large group of souls crosses over together, it is possible for the living to see the Light.
– 40. Light spirits protect souls and help them cross over. Dark spirits are evil and collect souls to keep them earthbound.
– 41. If a dark spirit takes the soul of a light spirit, the dark spirit becomes invincible.
– 42. A child ghost will often remain earthbound waiting or searching for it’s parents.
– 43. When a soul crosses over into the Light, the handicaps it had in life are gone. Every soul is perfect.
– 44. A ghost who experienced a violent death may relive that experience while trapped as an earthbound spirit.
– 45. Ghosts can use infrasound, a frequency that’s so low we can’t hear it, to make their presence felt.
– 46. Ghosts are often confused about the way they died, blaming the wrong people for their death.
– 47. When a person is brain dead and on life support, their soul is outside the body, but still tethered to it.
– 48. Souls are assigned new bodies when they are reincarnated.
– 49. Ghosts exhaust their powers when they act aggressively.
– 50. A walk-in can only occur to a corpse if the spirit originally inhabiting the body abandons it.
– 51. Spirits choose to manifest, you can’t make them do it.
– 52. Dark spirits can manipulate the recently departed to stay earthbound.
– 53. People who die, even for a short time, and see the Light, always come back changed.
– 54. Dark spirits feed on negative emotions (anger, hate, jealousy).
– 55. Spirits can be visible in photographs because cameras detect a broader spectrum of energy than the human eye.
– 56. Ghost visits can be triggered by a birth, death, or special holiday.
– 57. Ghosts may appear as a younger version of themselves.
– 58. Sometimes a ghost doesn’t initially realize he/she is dead.
– 59. The power of love is often strong enough to save even an angry, vengeful earthbound spirit.
– 60. Animal spirits can be earthbound.
– 61. Animals (particularly dogs) can sense the presence of a ghost.
– 62. Ghosts can appear under water.
– 63. Ghosts can create visions for empaths.
– 64. A ghost needs the living to help it sort out the mystery of his/her death.
– 65. A ghost can manifest in strange and unexpected places, like dollhouses, if that’s where it’s unfinished business is.
– 66. As ghost’s memories begin to return, many times recollections come in waves.
– 67. In the case of twins, when one is living and the other’s dead, the ghost twin tries to reconnect with the living twin through thoughts or shared memories.
– 68. Beware of ghost stories like Bloody Mary, because sometimes, they can conjure up ghosts.
– 69. There is no limit on how long a spirit can be earthbound.
– 70. Spirits do exist in the Underworld.
– 71. In the ghost world, love never dies.
– 72. If a ghost dies naked, it remains naked when intersecting with the living.
– 73. If a person is passionate about music, in death, the ghost keeps the music alive.
– 74. There is a unique group of ghosts from the spirit world that connects with children – they are known as ‘Shinies’.
– 75. An earthbound spirit can look as robust as the living.
– 76. Ghosts can possess the living to do ‘automatic writing’ which helps get their messages across.
– 77. Ghosts can communicate through Electronic Voice Phenomena – known as ‘white noise’.
– 78. Ghosts can remain earthbound until they take revenge on the living.
– 79. Not every earthbound ghost is destined to cross into the Light – some are sucked to the Dark Side.
– 80. Ghosts can fear other ghosts.
– 81. Ghosts can appear as auras, a subtle, pervasive atmosphere seen emanating from an object or place.
– 82. Ouija boards can create unexpected and unwanted ghost activity.
– 83. A ghost can make the inhabitants of a house it is haunting feel weak and sick.
– 84. The living can hear noisy ghosts.
– 85. A ghost can attach itself to a living person whom it believes it will have a future connection through reincarnation.
– 86. Ghosts can follow their passion even in death.
– 87. Ghost children remain banded together if they perished together.
– 88. Ghost visions can transport the empathic to strange and unusual places.
– 89. Ghosts can reunite the living with long lost relatives.
– 90. Ghosts become restless if their bodies are not laid to rest in accordance with their desires.
– 91. A birth in the world of the living can cause a spirit in the world of the dead to become active.
– 92. Ghosts play practical jokes on the living.
– 93. If a ghost experienced addiction while alive, it can conjure up those symptoms when haunting a person.
– 94. Ghosts cannot take the living into the Light.
– 95. Ghosts can mistakenly haunt the wrong house or the wrong person without being aware of it.
– 96. Ghosts have no sense of time.
– 97. An earthbound spirit of a child may follow a living child home to play.
– 98. Some earthbound spirits will attach themselves to their belongings, including a favorite charm or piece of jewelry.
– 99. Earthbound spirits get a lot of energy from crowds of people, i.e. hospitals, police precincts, and malls.
– 100. Ghosts typically do not hang around cemeteries because there is very little living energy there.

Ghost Whisperer stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad, Camryn Manheim and Christoph Sanders and will celebrate its 100th episode on Friday, March 5 at 8 PM ET on CBS.

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