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Jennifer • Mar 23, 2010 • News

America’s Sweetheart is Already, or Only, 31 Years Old. Jennifer Love Hewitt is thirty-one years old, and the years somehow have been both kind and difficult. Jennifer Love Hewitt comfortably inhabits that twilight area of American celebrity, which is to say she is not an A-List celebrity but would never be considered a B-Lister either; she is far too adorable and lovable for that.

Appearing on The Today Show on Tuesday morning to promote her book, The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello, My Name Is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I’m a Love-aholic, Love Hewitt still radiates that sweet, wholesome girl next door look and image that everybody wants to protect, even though she has also dated an uncouth rock star in John Mayer and been roasted by the press for appearing less than perfect in a 2007 candid bikini shot.

As a star through the years on the underrated Party of Five television show and then a sexpot in the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer, Love Hewitt has always been that girl that people more hate to love than love to hate. But Love Hewitt is now growing out of her twenties and it shows; but in a positive sense. She is gaining rave reviews for her work as Melissa Gordon on the CBS show The Ghost Whisperer. In it, she plays a woman that regularly communicates with ghosts; it may be Love Hewitt’s most realistic and mature work to date. And now, ironically enough, Hewitt Love publishes her book on love as she is fresh off of a break up with yet another boyfriend, this time her Ghost Whisperer co-star Jamie Kennedy.

What is not clear is how much being single bothers Love Hewitt. At an age when many are thinking of settling down and finding a life long mate, she has seemingly taken each of the bumps along the way in stride. Even the title of her book, incorporating ‘Love-aholic’, seems to poke fun at the perception that she has a challenge staying in any relationship for long, but keeps coming back for more.

What Love Hewitt does seem to be doing very well is settling into her post ‘young lady’ phase and moving with grace, talent and beauty to the next phase of her professional life, regardless of what may lay in store for her in her personal one.

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