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Jennifer • Apr 26, 2010 • News

Jennifer Love Hewitt wishes she could walk around naked apart from high heels.

The actress is a huge fan of towering footwear and finds it hard to walk past a shoe shop without entering. Her favorite designer is Christian Louboutin as she says his shoes make her feel sexier than ever. “Christian Louboutin shoes are my biggest indulgence,” she said. “I’d wear them and nothing else, if I wouldn’t get arrested!”

Although she loves donning the pricey footwear, Jennifer does feel bad for splashing her cash on heels. She tries not to think about how much each pair costs, saying they are the one treat she allows herself. “The last time I felt guilty was probably when I bought Christian Louboutin shoes,” she told the American edition of OK! magazine. “I feel like I should’ve spent that money on maybe a family member or someone else, but I spent it on me.”

Jennifer is a huge fashion fan and works hard to stay in shape so she can wear the latest trends. She admits finding working out hard and says that like every woman, she isn’t always happy about herself. The 31-year-old often wishes she looked like supermodel Gisele Bundchen but is learning how to love her own curves. The star added that if she is having a bad day, she can always pretend she is someone else as she so regularly gets mistaken for other celebrities. “I used to get Alyssa Milano and Soleil Moon Frye all the time when I was little,” she laughed. “I would sign autographs as them. I thought it was really cool. I was famous as them before I was famous as me.”

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