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Jennifer • May 12, 2010 • News, TV Shows

Television viewers will get more than they bargained for with the news that NBC has picked up the show Love Bites. One of the new comedy’s episodes features the unlikely scene of Greg Grunberg joining the Mile High Club … with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

“It was crazy,” Grunberg confesses to PopEater. “But if you have to be stuck with someone in a bathroom that size, it might as well be Jennifer Love Hewitt,” he adds. “I’m no petite guy, and it was really tight quarters.” Grunberg jumped at the chance to work with Hewitt for the first time. “She’s the greatest. I have a small list of people whom I love working with, and she’s on that list. We were dreaming, saying we should do a series together,” he said.

The racy subject matter got the folks on the set talking. “I mentioned I hadn’t joined the mile-high club and then someone on the set said they were sort of in the club, but not from the bathroom,” recalls a still-outraged Grunberg. “I was like, ‘How do you do that on the plane?'” Grunberg says he’s not a member and doesn’t plan to be. “Those bathrooms are disgusting and tiny. It’s people working down a checklist really. That’s what it comes down to.”
Even though the scene was shot on a fake plane set, it was still way too small for the “Heroes” star. “This movie plane bathroom had removable walls, and I was still claustrophobic,” says Grunberg. “We were like, ‘How do people do this?'”

From Popeater

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