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Jennifer • Jun 29, 2010 • Interviews

Jennifer Love Hewitt has revealed how moving books in her home have made her wonder if ghosts are real.

The 31-year-old stars in Ghost Whisperer – which has just been canceled after five seasons – playing Melinda Gordon, who can talk to ghosts, and a recent encounter made her question whether it’s more than just a TV show. Jennifer revealed: “I’ve definitely had some weird experiences – I had something weird happen in my house two weeks ago.” She explained: “I collect little miniature antique books and I had a bunch of them on this one shelf in my living room and I heard this really loud noise when I was upstairs in my bedroom. I came down and all the books were all over the floor and I was like ‘well that’s weird, but ok maybe… I don’t know’. “So I gather the books back up and I put them back on the shelf and I go back upstairs and the second I go upstairs I hear this slamming noise again and all the books were on the floor again. I was like, ‘Alright, honestly, I was just with you all day at work, really you’ve got to come home with me too?’ “Then I realized that I was a normal person, me, just an actress, standing in my house, talking to someone who probably wasn’t there and there was obviously like a tilt problem with the bookshelf and my books were on the floor and I was thinking it was a ghost and having a conversation with myself. “I was like ‘maybe I should have a vacation or two?’.”

From The Press Association

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