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Jennifer • Oct 23, 2010 • Interviews

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been known for her petite physique almost as much as she has been for her starring roles. In fact, John Mayer’s song “Your Body is a Wonderland” was even rumored to be inspired by the actress. So when J. Love put on a few pounds a couple years ago, the media was quick to notice and showed no mercy. This week’s issue of OK! shows you how Jennifer got down from a size 8 to a slim size 2, giving her the newfound confidence to buy her first string bikini since she was 16!

“I’m falling in love with my body,” Jennifer admits about her new shape.

This acceptance wasn’t easy to come by, though. In 2007, after a few unflattering pictures of Jennifer in a swimsuit appeared on the Internet and sparked a hurtful debate over the actress’ weight, Jennifer quickly began to lose her self-esteem.

“I questioned everything I put in my mouth after [that],” Jennifer reveals. “It challenged my confidence.”

She began wearing baggy clothes in an attempt to shroud the figure she once flaunted. While she defended her weight to the media, in reality “I had to get over the fact that I was bummed out people thought I was fat,” Jennifer says.

After watching the dramatic transformations on The Biggest Loser, Jennifer became inspired in 2008 and hired a personal trainer. Then the real work began.

After not exercising for a year, it took a while for Jennifer’s body to adjust to the vigorous workouts. The first few times she got sick and “A couple times I stopped in the middle and burst into tears because I felt like I couldn’t do it. I was torn to shreds physically, mentally and emotionally,” Jennifer recalls.

But all that pain paid off. Now, J. Love is loving her new body and is working hard to maintain it through a healthy lifestyle of intense workouts and a smart diet.

Jennifer sticks to an hour-and-a-half-a-day workout schedule which includes “cardio, cardio, cardio” as well as weight lifting, spin classes and eating healthy foods six days a week. “Then I have one cheat day,” Jennifer admits.


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