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Jennifer • Dec 13, 2010 • Interviews

On and off the carpet, Jennifer Love Hewitt and beau Alex Beh are inseparable nowadays! In addition to playing house in David Barne’s new music video “Very Merry Christmas,” Hewitt, 31, and Beh, 27, are at the top of Hollywood’s engagement watch list.

When our PopStop TV team caught up with the Ghost Whisperer star at the opening of ‘West Side Story’ in LA, we asked her the question that’s on everyone’s mind – do we hear wedding bells in the near future?

“What? Wedding bells?” Jennifer asked, “he’s got wedding bells in his jacket!” She then playfully points to Beh’s brown suit jacket. “Ya, that must be it. He’s got a lot in there so you must have heard him walking in.”

Ever thought about kids? How many?

“A lot! I’m feeling a little octomom-ish!” Jennifer joked. “Actually, probably just two, I would be happy with that.”

Will the holidays be a little like what you guys did in David Barne’s Christmas music video?

“Kinda, just without the camera rolling,” Jennifer said. “We want to stay at home and spend as much time together as possible.”

So, Alex, what do you want from Jennifer for Christmas?

“I want her beautiful eyes looking deeply into my soul,” Alex reveals.

Aw, they sound absolutely adorable together! We wish them the best of luck and a very merry Christmas.


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