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Jennifer • Apr 05, 2012 • Interviews

Nude underwear, killer curves and a black backdrop.

That’s the stripped down marketing campaign driving eyeballs to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s racy new Lifetime series, The Client List, which launches Sunday (10/9C).

But Hewitt will tell it you you straight. “The scariest part of those billboards was how hungry I was when we were doing the photo shoot,” says Hewitt today in her trailer, laughing. “Because for days I was just like, ‘Let me suck on an ice cube and pretend it’s chicken.’ ”

Sex is on the front burner in the series which revolves around Hewitt as Riley Parks, a Texas mom who turns to giving erotic massages to break even on her mortgage.

The show, says Lifetime president Nancy Dubuc, is helping push the network forward. “It’s clearly not your mother’s Lifetime anymore,” she says. “We want to be a reflection of who women are today.”

Hewitt is ready to shake up her image. “I’m not just going to turn the music up a little bit I’m going to turn the music up really loud,” she says, curling up in an oversized t-shirt and ripped jeans, while sipping on lemon-flavored sparkling water, her extra-long lashes and TV makeup still in place. “That, for me, was those billboards, and for (Lifetime), it’s this show.”

To play Riley, who is often in lingerie, Hewitt has been “working out like crazy,” ruling out junk food and soda and treating herself to desserts once a week. She calls flaunting her new body, years after tabloids gleefully ran photos of her then-curvier self on the covers of magazines, bittersweet. “I didn’t have a body image issue until they plastered me on the cover of things,” she says. “Then I got one.”

But today she says she’s in the best shape of her life – for herself. “Because I’m at the right age, I’m not in that phase of my life, I’m not caught up in (the tabloid) side of things I went, you know what? If I don’t do it at 33, I’m never going to do it.”

The Client List began its life on air as a Lifetime Original Movie that debuted in 2010 to 3.9 million viewers, with Hewitt starring. Hewitt, who is also an executive producer, will reboot Riley’s story on Easter Sunday with a newly empowered protagonist, and a few new characters to boot (Cybill Shepard remains as her mother).

The series will be lighter, and funnier. “The movie had a bit of a dark tone to it and I think it felt a bit heavy and a bit more reminiscent of what the old brand and tone of Lifetime has been,” says Kim Rozenfeld, executive vice president of current programming at Sony Pictures Television, which produces the show. He says the sexual content was handled carefully by the team. “It was very important not for it to be flagrant and not for it to be gratuitous.”

But there’s plenty of steamy content left to satisfy those intrigued by Hewitt’s billboards. In the first episode, Riley’s husband mysteriously leaves her with two children to take care of, and she ends up applying for a job at a massage clinic called The Rub. Lingerie-fueled massage sessions quickly follow.

“I think we might surprise some people with how they feel about what she does,” says Hewitt, whose character often counsels the men she services. “Even though the ad campaigns and a lot of the provocative parts of promoting this show are about the ‘happy endings,’ the show is a really a very normal series about a woman who’s just trying to be a single mom.”

Called “Love” by her friends, in her personal life, Hewitt, who is single, says her view of love has grown up. “I’ve always been a hopeless romantic,” she says. “I’ve always had my head in the rom-com – which I think is a great quality. The problem is, rom-com’s aren’t real.”

Although she still tweets actively about love, “I’m at a place where I could get married, I could not get married,” she says. “Kids is not something I’ll give up on, that’s something I really want in my life but I just sort of started shifting my mindset a little bit.”

Prince Charming, right now, might just turn out to be a netowrk. “Lifetime and I are in such synergy right now because we’re both in exactly the same place,” she says, with a TV movie and another series in the pipeline with them. “We both have been one thing for a long time and loved it and are now ready to say hey, there’s more to me in there than you thought there was and let’s switch it up a little bit.”


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