The Audrey Hepburn Story

Character: Audrey Hepburn

Directed by: Steven Robman

Written by: Marsha Norman

Produced by: Kay Hoffman

Cast Members: Frances Fisher, Keir Dullea, Gabriel Macht, Peter Giles

Released date: March 27, 2000

Genre: Biography, Drama

Duration: 2 hour 13 minutes

Biographic made-for-TV movie of the life of one of Hollywood's most famous actreses: Audrey Hepburn, spaning from her early childhood to the 1960's which details her life as Dutch overachieving ballerina, coming to grips with her parents divorce and enduring five hard years of living in Nazi occupied Holland during World War II. Audrey then settles in the USA where she tries to make it big as a movie actress and the emotional trials that follow her with it.

→ Her public face hid a private tragedy
→ The dazzling true story of one of Hollywood’s great icons

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