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2020 Sep 01

POLL: Which TV Series Should Be Completed First?

As you may know, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been the star of numerous TV series. I wanted to get input from you about where to start with adding photos and screen captures of JLH from all her TV roles! Please take a moment to select your preference on which series you’d like to see photos from first.

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Thank you!

2020 Aug 24

Twitter Account Deactivated

Heads up! I am (once again) locked out of our fan account on Twitter @JLHfansite. This is the second time this month it has happened and unfortunately, Twitter is making it too hard to get my account back. This means that the fan account will remain locked unless by some miracle Twitter lets me back into the account.

I will be posting the latest news and media here on as usual! I’m sorry that we cannot communicate via Twitter anymore, but you can always contact me via email.

2020 Jun 24

Welcome Back to Jennifer Love Hewitt Fan!

Welcome back to Jennifer Love Hewitt Fan now at! You may remember me and this website from our former URL,, which ran from July 2003 until mid-2014. I had to leave fan sites for a while due to some real-life issues which set me back a couple of years. I have finally gotten to a place where I can bring back some of my favorite fan sites, and this site is one of them!

I will be updating the main page with the latest news, videos, site updates, and photo additions as they happen. I hope to have an “official” website re-launch once the bulk of the site is completed, but I wanted to create a main page for updates in the mean time. You can also follow us on Twitter @JLHfansite, where I post daily pics, videos, and GIFs of JLH!

Thanks for visiting and keep stopping by for the latest on Jennifer Love Hewitt!